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Mr. Yi Zhe

Founder & President of Old Ghost Baits Co., Ltd

Vice President of China Fishing Tackle Association

Owner of Old Ghost Formula and Technology

4-Time Champion of National Fishing Championship


“A bag of good baits that catches fish is for sure to bring you both profit and joy, and probably make your sales network more solid.”

Yi Zhe

Old Ghost, the first company commercially producing fishing baits in China, is now China’s best-known bait brand among 90 million Chinese anglers with 20 years’ bait producing experience, taking 70% of Chinese domestic market. Among 30,000 fishing tackle shops in China, a shop is not a tackle shop unless it supplies Old Ghost baits.


Set up in 1991, located in the beautiful Wuhan City, the capital of Hubei Province which is famous for its thousands of lakes in the midstream of Yangtze River, covering an area of 30,000 SQM with a building area of 30,000 SQM in Wuhan National Development Zone, Old Ghost now is likely to be world’s biggest bait producer with an annual production capability of 100,000 tons.


We have 9 world top class automatic bait assembly lines which can massively produce Double-layered Boilies, Fresh-Keeping Hookbait Sausages, Fresh-Keeping Groudbait Sausages, Continuously-dissolving Groundbait Pellet, pellets/powder groundbaits, Competition Hookbait Paste, Earthworm Mate Dip Bait, and Fishing Bait Additives using only high quality ingredients, with Old Ghost exclusive formula.


Actually, Old Ghost is not a company only producing fishing baits, it is a group company with several subsidiaries including:

Fengxing Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd, managing a rod factory, a float factory, a line factory, and a department of accessories;

Tour & Fishing World, a fishing film company, the only one of its kind in China, delivering over 300 hours’ fishing films programs to TV channels annually, and providing over 5 million pcs of fishing DVD free of charge to the public every year;

Old Ghost Fishing Academy, training nearly 10,000 anglers every year free of charge;

Hope Project Special Fund, donating to build one primary schools in less developed areas of China each year;

International Fishing Tournament Center (under construction), covering an area of 700,000 SQM, capable of hosting fishing tournaments both of Chinese and European styles.


Sharing the fishing pleasure with anglers throughout the globe is our ultimate pursuit. The classic Old Ghost baits should not be exclusively for Chinese anglers, but also they should be enjoyed worldwide. Of course, we are quite aware that both waters and fish differ a lot throughout the world, and most anglers likely have their favorite bait brands already, but We believe that Old Ghost will succeed in the world just like in China, for we are convinced that fish around the world can not distinguish who makes the baits that anglers throw into the water, and the lovely fish only chose and strike their most favorite food. The fish not the humans is the judge of the baits.



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